You Say You Want More Customers

But before you get even one new customer:

  • They have to See You.
  • They have to Want You.

To be seen you can post lawn signs, or FaceBook ads, or flyers. You can stick business cards on cars at the local mall (and piss people off) and even join a networking group.

OR you can get smart and be seen in a way that is both professional and valued and that doesn’t waste your time and money—You Get on the 1st Page of Google’s Organic Search Results (“Organic” means NO AdWords).

Once you’re on Page #1 of Google (and Bing and Yahoo) future customers will see you, but they still won’t hire you until they “Want You.”

How To Become A Wanted Man

To Become Wanted you can’t just say that you remove dents, or fill scratches, replace glass, or change oil. All of your competitors do what you do and they all say the same thing.

To Win the Customer You Have To Stand Out. And you do that by being different. I can help you find your one unique quality, and more importantly present it in a way that makes consumers want to hire you over your competitors.

Different is Good. Different shows growth. Do yourself and your family a big-ass favor today and do something different RIGHT NOW.

Be Different. Click Me
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    Be Seen, Be Found

    Most Auto Care Pros find rapid success by being on the 1st page of Google (and Bing and Yahoo).

    But if your situation demands, we can custom craft a local marketing blitz so that wherever customers turn, they’ll find you there.

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    Become A Wanted Man

    Customers don’t know how to judge or hire an Auto Care Pro.

    So make it easy for them.
    Display your “unique differentiation” and they’ll want to hire you over a competitor. I’ll show you how.

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    Count Your Cash

    I may sound cocky, but I generate hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of new revenue every week for my clients.

    Shouldn’t some of that be yours?