The Truth About Me

Truth is . . . I’ve only been working with Independent Auto Care Pros like you for about 3 years.

Before that I spent 20 years as a sought-after Local Marketing Expert for the Fortune 500 and other big companies. Yup, even the big international corporations market on a local level. Here are just some of my past clients:

Okay, so that’s me bragging

I admit . . . I’m bragging—but it’s to make a point.

These companies kept hiring me because I delivered revenue results for them that no one else could. And I did that by:

  • Creating powerful marketing systems
  • Delivering huge ROIs (return on investments)

What This All Means To You

I have a system. (Remember, that’s why the Fortune 500 hired me.)

But this system is designed specifically for independent automotive care professionals.

It’s a system that is aligned with the way consumers buy automotive repair services.

And it delivers in some really big ways:

  • More inquiries
  • More appointments
  • More revenue
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Even the ability to raise your prices and take some additional time off.

You gotta know this: People buy automotive care services like yours differently than how they buy the rest of their stuff.

And if you don’t know how they buy differently and why they buy differently then you’ll continue to struggle to grow your customer-base, your price-per-panel, and your revenues.

Or you can end your struggle for good and just call me.

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